20 Company Website Design Do’s and Don’ts Part 1

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August 28, 2017
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September 18, 2017
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20 Company Website Design Do’s and Don’ts Part 1





It is very important to understand what is the dos and don’t when you are building your company website design.

We want to help you to understand how to create a successful website design.

If you follow the guidelines below, it will definitely increase the chances to make your website design to be success.

When your website is success, it will definitely make your business grow, let’s have a look now…


Choose a domain name that stands up.

Domain name is the name of your website. It is used to represent your website.

For eg : yourbusinessname.com or yourbusinessname.com.my is the domain name.

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Short, simple and easy to remember

Use correct spelling

Register with your brand name


Never use long, complicated name

Never use misspelled words

Never use brand name already trademark


Choose web server that has great performance

Web Server is used to host your website files. Without server, your website will not run.

You may imagine server as a computer. It has CPU, RAM and etc. Choose the right web server will enable your website always up.


Latest server hardware

Use dedicated server if you have budget

Recommended Control Panel is cpanel


Never choose old server

Never choose cheap share hosting

Never choose server without control panel


Choose a professional email address

After register the domain name, you can use it for your email.

For eg: you register your domain name as yourbusinessname.com, you can create an email as john@yourbusinessname.com.


Make your email address easy to remember

Use a strong password consist of alphanumeric and symbols

Change your password consistently


Never use numbers in your email address.

Never use easy guessed password, it is easily being hack

Never use nickname in your email address


Right keyword can enable customers to find you

Before you start preparing your website content, you need to generate a list of keywords that is relevant to the services you are offering.

Keyword can help search engine to understand what your website is and what you are selling.

If your website listed top #10 in search engine such as Google, it will help you get more customers from different location.


Use the right keyword in the content

Use keyword in H1 title tag in your web page

Rename your images with keyword


Never stuff keyword in your content for SEO sake

Never use multiple H1 tag in single web page

Don’t just use generic keywords


Quality content can generate higher conversion rate

Users will spend average 2 – 3 seconds when they arrive on your website. If they cannot find the information they are looking for within this few seconds, they will leave your website.

Never let users think or wait, most probably they will lose the patience, close the browser and proceed to another website.


Prepare a good structure content for easy browsing

Arrange the most important link in navigation menu bar

Make your content easily viewable in multiple device especially mobile

Include the right keyword in your web page title


Never cram everything in the website

Never hide the important link in footer

Never let user to zoom in and out to read your content

Don’t use too generic keyword in your web page title


Image can speak a thousand words

Using the right content with the right images can help your customers understand what you are selling.

Putting an image that is relevant to your website content, it can attract users to continue browsing in your website.


Use images related to your content

Resize your image before upload

Include keyword in alt attribute

Optimize image before upload to reduce loading time


Never over-used stock images

Never use low-quality images

Never let your alt attribute empty

Never put too many images, it takes time to load


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