Offline Marketing Versus Internet Marketing
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August 21, 2017
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Offline Marketing Versus Internet Marketing

A lot of traditional businesses are looking for ways to convert from offline marketing to online marketing.

Most of the time, they are not sure why, they just know it is good from what others has say.

There are a lot of  benefits of doing internet marketing for your business.

Let’s have a look at the main differences between offline marketing versus internet marketing.

Target Audience

Target audience is very important in any business.

Target audience define who is your customer, what are their age range, gender, location and etc.


When you advertise, you are not sure who will read the magazine / newspaper or see the billboard.

You will not able to define the target audience easily.

You will not able to know the demographic of the audience.


Customers who are looking for the products or services, they will search through search engine. Through using the right keyword in SEO / SEM, you will able to get the right audience.

With online advertising, you can define the demographic of audience you want to target on.


Location will depend on who is your target audience.

Different location may reach to different type of target audience.


If you advertise on Newspaper / Magazine / Flyers, it mainly depends on the distribution location.

If it distribute to different places, you will get more customers from different location.

You might face difficulties if you plan to get customers from all over the world, or from different country.


There’s no restriction where do you want to advertise.

You can decide the location you plan to advertise on.

If you handle online marketing well, you can get customers from different country


Tracking is a way for you to track and analyze how successful a campaign has run.

You also able to know if you have reached to the right target audience if you analyze well.


There’s no proper way to track, you are not able to know where the customers sees your advertisement.

You are not sure which campaign runs more successful, and which campaign has failed.


You can track everything, how many has click on your advertisement.

You can setup conversion report to track how many customers that visit your website and make a purchase (Conversion Rate).

You can track which campaign brings you more visitors and which campaigns doesn’t perform well.


Most of the time, businesses may have a tight budget.

When budget is not high, you need to fully utilize each dollar to generate the highest leads.


Mostly are very expensive.

Generally, it can cost you few thousand to few hundred thousand.


Online advertisement, you can set your daily / monthly budget.

You can decide how much you willing to pay for each click when someone click on your advertisement.

Higher Conversion

The main reason we advertise is to look for more leads and generate higher sales.

Businesses wish when they advertise, those who see the advertisement can be convert to become their customers.


Readers may saw your advertisement through magazine, but once they close the magazine, they may have forgotten to proceed in buying.

You may reach to customers are interested but not ready in purchasing.


When customers are looking for products / services, they will search with search engine (Google), if your website listed Top #10 while customers are searching, the chances they will purchase your product / services are very high.

You can advertise through using SEO / SEM to target on customers who are ready in purchase stage.


When you have a community that love your brands, you can continuously selling the product to them in long run.

When you have a community that love your brands, you can continuously selling the product to them in long run.


You may know you have a bunch of loyal customers out there, but it may be difficult for you to gather them in real life.

If your customers are from different location, it is even more difficult to gather them.


Through social media platform, you can start build your own community that loves your product and your services.

When you have built a large community, you may cross sell different related products or services to them.

Since they have the similar interest with what you are selling, the chances they will buy again are much higher.


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