How to Write a Successful Website Design Content
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July 24, 2017
What is Keyword?
What is Keyword?
August 7, 2017
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How to Write a Successful Website Design Content

Your website content is the way you are explaining what you are offering to your customer when they are browsing your website.

Useful information may help your potential customer understand what you are selling and convince them your product is worth buying.

A great content may convert the visitor and become your customer. Check out some guidelines and tips for effective content writing:


Who is your target audience?

Different type of audience may ask different type of questions depends on their needs.

Imagine if you are the customer, think what type of question they will ask, and answer the question in your content.


User may be viewing and browsing your website through their mobile device.

If will be difficult for them to read long paragraph.

Make you content short and simple and is readable with small screen.


Human’s focus is short.

If you are writing long paragraph, user may find it difficult to finish reading everything.

Writing your content in point form will be better compare to long paragraphs.


We are always visually attracted.

Include some images will attract visitors to continue reading compare to only text base content.

Remember to write a content that consist of the common keyword your customer will use to search in search engine.

Keyword is very important when comes to SEO.

Putting the right keyword will help your website rank higher in Search Engine.

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