6 Tips in Domain Registration

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September 29, 2014
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6 Tips in Domain Registration


Domain name represent your company and your business. There are tips in choosing the right domain name. Before you rush into purchasing the domain, you might want to consider the tips below.

Go for .com first

The most common Top Level Domain (TLD) is .com. Other common TLD domain which is Net, Biz, Info and Org. Maintaining the SEO process for .com is much easier if compare to .com.my or .my domain. Of course if you are choosing the domain name that has the keyword related with your product, or services you provide, this will help in your SEO.

Short and Simple

Try to keep your domain name short and simple, the shorter the name it is, is easier for visitor to remember and type accurately. Create a name for the branding purpose. A name your client will always remember, this will generate more leads.


Select a name related with your business or services you do. This will boast your SEO during Google search. If you are doing car wash, “carwashing.com” will have a higher chance listed in Google Search. Google always look for the domain name that has the keyword related with the search user is searching.

Register for 2 Years

If you register your domain more than 2 years, this will tell Search Engine that you are serious with your business. Domain names that register for years will boast the SEO much higher compare to new domain name.

Use Correct Spelling

It is easy to make your client remember if you are using the correct spelling name. Is adding difficulties if your client do not know how to spell your website name, hence they might go to the wrong website.

User Requirement

During registration process, you are required to submit your Company Name, Address, Tel No, Fax No, Contact Person Name, and Contact Person Email.

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