Top 10 Business Website Design Requirements

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April 16, 2018
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Top 10 Business Website Design Requirements

Top 10 Business Website Design Requirements

Top 10 Business Website Design Requirements -


Online Business Website is very important for expanding your business.

This article covers Top 10 Business Design requirements one should look into while designing website online.

Website Security

Security is one of the most important part of website design. Below are the points where you should take into consideration while designing your website with enhanced security

SQL Injection


Server Side Validation / Form Validation

Password Strength

File Uploads

These aspects if taken care will help in improving user experience. Security is very important for business online. Reputation will be at stake if security is compromised. Hence Security nowadays has become most important aspect for online business.
Website Security

Online Help Desk and Support

Online Help Desk and Support-

For providing efficient services, Online Help Desk and Support is very much needed. Information related to Help Desk and Support should be easily available to your customers when they reach your business website.

It is very useful if you have this information public, maintain a clear visibility and also promptly respond back to customers when they are actually in need of it.

There are many Help Desk forums that are available online which can support for easy integration with your products.

100% Uptime

Success of online business depends on how efficient business is with respect to website design. 100% uptime is a must for online business as customers are always in search.

Some important things business website owners should keep in mind to manage 100% uptime.

Have an efficient web hosting provider who is reliable and have good customer support

Share update to customers if there is a planned upgrade

100% Uptime

Easy access to Product Pages

Easy access to Product Pages-

Online business is all about advertising your products and increasing your customer base. Make sure products can be easily accessed and having faster loading time.

You may start dividing your products into categories and accessed through drop down menus.

Make sure you include product search in your website, this enable your customers find the products easily.

You may include keywords inside your product title and also include keyword inside tag.

Latest Updates

Customers and new visitors always look for latest updates to your products. Either it is a new product launch or giveaways planned, it is always recommended to stay connected with customers and new visitors.

Latest update events, press releases not only help in bringing new customers to your business, but also increase visibility for your website in the eyes of search engines.

Social media marketing also helps in improving your website presence. Add your social media links and embed them in your updates pages.

Latest Updates

Easily Accessible in Multiple Devices

Easily Accessible in Multiple Devices-

Customers may use different operating systems, various web browsers and multiple devices like desktops, laptops, tabs and high end mobiles.

Make sure you try tested out your website with different devices and different browser, browse your website like how your customer browses.

SEO Optimized Web Pages

SEO is very important for online business owners. If you want to get into top pages of Google, SEO plays a very important role. Every page in your website should be SEO friendly, easy to read by human and is search engine friendly.

Some tips for having efficient SEO while designing your website :

Have SEO tools installed in your website

Use the right keyword your products and your website content

Include meta tag / meta keyword / meta description

SEO Optimized Web Pages

Cache Website for Faster page loading

Cache Website for Faster page loading-

47% of consumers online expect your website pages to load in two seconds. Make sure you cache all the images, css files and etc.

Users tend to see faster web pages rather than heavy content in your website. So identify the right images and have faster loading times.

There are many applications that are available which can help in enhanced caching. There are tools available for optimizing dynamic page loading. Identify the best tools that can help in enhancing your web pages faster.

Some tips for better Cache design :

Optimize the usage of style sheets and java scripts as they hurt page load times

Compress Text files for enhanced user experience

Compress images for faster loading

Efficient use of cache tools.

Live Chat Support

Live chat helps you attend to customers’ needs instantly

If you able to reply the enquiry instantly you may convert the visitor become your customers.

Live Chat

User Feedback Forms

User Feedback Forms -

Include a feedback form so that your potential customer can send enquiry related to your product and your services you offering.

Make sure your form is short, simple and easy for customer to fill up. Long form will chase your customers away.