Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends for 2018

Factors Determining the Success of E-Commerce Business-
Factors Determining the Success of E-Commerce Business
April 9, 2018
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Top 10 Business Website Design Requirements
April 23, 2018
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Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends for 2018

Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends-

Top 10 Internet Marketing Trends-


Internet is one of the best platforms to help businesses gather new customers from worldwide. Now, you can reach more targeted customers from different location through using these Marketing tools and techniques.

These strategies are cost effective and faster compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Let’s get started in discussing about these latest Internet Marketing strategies which can help you to optimize your budgets and efficiently use your marketing strategies.

Influencer Marketing-

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a way of marketing through hiring a person or celebrities or athletes or leaders that is famous to bring your brand’s message to a larger market.

You may start choosing the right influencers that has the similar target audience to promote and share about your product in their blog or through their social media account.

Develop a business blog or product review forum for your products. Hire influencers for writing SEO optimized content for your business blog.

Perform product sampling and encourage influencers to review products.

Hire influencers for marketing your products

Social Marketing-

Social Media Marketing

Through the improvement of internet connection, we spend more time in social media platform such as facebook, twitter, instagram and etc.

This also means, you can start promoting your product and your services through using the social medial platform to get more potential customers.

Below are some tips for improving your business online with social media marketing :

Create social media accounts for your business in all major platforms.

Update your social medial account daily.

Spend a small budget daily to advertise your product in social media platform.

Email Marketing-

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing continues to play a major role for organizations who market their products online.

Make sure you have good Email marketing software which is reliable and secured.

Some Email Marketing tips for business :

Create support email accounts for your business and respond to customers on time.

Never send promotion email too frequently.

Create mobile friendly email, make sure it is viewable with mobile.

Content Marketing-

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing plays an important role in improving Search Engine Optimization ranking of your website.

It’s very important to have content that is related to your products and your website is SEO optimized.

Some content marketing tips for your business :

Create a business blog or forum for your business products.

Update your blog regularly.

Add contests in your blog to get engaged with customers.

Mobile Friendly-

Mobile Friendly Website Design:

It is very important for companies to have well designed website and it is mobile friendly.

70% of the internet usage is using mobile device. If your website design is not mobile friendly, it is difficult for user to find information from your website.

Some tips in mobile friendly website design :

Develop your website in such a way that it is accessible for all type of device, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile

Make sure mobile can view all the content without using desktop or laptop

Make sure mobile can browse your website smoothly, try to reduce large images as it takes time to load the image

Video Marketing-

Video Marketing:

Are you launching a new product? Have you promoted your new product in Video Marketing sites such as Youtube, Vimeo etc? These Video Marketing sites have been used most of the time by Internet marketing experts to good effect.

Some tips for Video marketing which can be helpful for your business :

Create How to Videos for your products.

Add your product launches and press release information in your business Video Channels.

Encourage visitors of your website and new customers to add reviews.

Online Survey-

Online Surveys and Reviews:

Online surveys help you to understand your customer’s needs and what extra features they are looking. With Online Surveys and feedbacks, it is very helpful for your company to improve your business products. You may also try giving some free product samplings to customers or influencer and get feedback of your products.

Some tips on using online surveys and reviews :

Create reviews regularly and get latest information from your visitors and customers.

Get feedback about recent purchases from your customers.

Encourage customers to write a review of their recent usage of your business products

Search Engine Marketing-

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing is similar with SEO, your website get listed in the Top position when your potential customers are searching the products or services that you are offering.

Through using Search Engine Marketing, Adwords, your website can be listed the Top 4 position instantly, as SEO will takes minimum 6 months to get listed.

Some tips in search engine marketing for your business :

Use the right keywords for your products to find the right potential customers.

Make sure your advertisement highlight the benefit of your product.

Include negative keyword in your advertisement to exclude searches that is not your target audience.

Include the contact no and address in your advertisement.



In order to make your customer keep returning to your website and proceed in buying, it is important to send weekly or monthly newsletter to let your customers know the latest updates of the product.

You may give extra discount or freebies to customers who sign up your newsletter.

Some tips in newsletters for your business :

Newsletters should be simple and easy to read.

Make sure your newsletter is mobile friendly.

Make sure all the link you include inside the email is working properly.

Referral Marketing-

Referral Marketing:

Referral marketing is one of the common strategies used online by giving more discount when existing customers refer their friends to buy from your website.

Through using this method, you only give discount to existing customer when his friends make purchase from your website.

Besides that, you also make your customer purchase again with the discount you have given.

Some tips in Referral Marketing :

Remember to include the expiry date for the discount.

If customers refer more friends, you can give higher percentage of discount.

Make sure the reward is attractive; this can boost the customer to refer friends.