How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Tips In Making Your Online Ecommerce Store Success
June 5, 2017
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June 19, 2017
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Now, your online ecommerce store is launched, so what’s next?

Time to get people comes in and buys your products or services you are offering.

Are you wondering how to get started?

This will be a guide for you to get started.



SEO is a process making your website get listed in Top #10 generic when customer is searching the products with Google Search.

Keyword Searching

Customer looking for “high heel woman shoes”.

This is the keyword she will type in Google Search Engine.

Brands Exposure

Customer will trust brands or website that listed Top #10 in Google Search.

Most of the time customer will not proceed to page 2.

Potential Customer

If your website listed in the Top #10, you will be getting lots of potential customer.

This is because, when customer is searching, the chances they want to buy is very high.



SEO will take time to get your website to be listed in Top #10, at least a few months.

Instead of waiting to be listed, you can start invest a small budget advertising with Google Adwords to generate more traffic to your website.

When customer searching the products with Google Search, you have the chance to appear in Top #1 position.
You can decide the daily budget or monthly budget you can afford.
You only pay if user clicks on your advertisement.


If you consistently update your social media account, it will increase the exposure rate in the internet world.

At the same time, you are creating quality backlink through social media platform.

Through social media, you can gather people who genuinely like your products or services you offer.
Consistently updating your social media will help in increasing your SEO ranking as well.
When you are active in multiple social media platform, you are gathering different bunch of users from different channel.


Content is KING.

Before purchasing any products online, customers will do their research in understanding the products they plan to buy.

Normally, they will read up articles that related to the products they plan to buy.

You may create a blog and start writing articles related to the products or services you are selling.
If you are selling oven, you may write different cooking recipe through using your oven.
You may share your blog and articles to the entire social media site for exposure.


Users are always attracted by images instead of text.

Think of a topic that will catch your customer’s attention, and create an infographic.

You may realize user may not like to read long paragraph of text but they are interested to read infographic.
Creating fancy and beautiful infographics will bring customers to visit your website more often.
Make sure you share it to the Social Media as well.
If the infographic are useful, customers will share through their social media.


Create tutorial or explainer video will help your customer understand how to use the product you are selling in your online store.

Think of a topic that your customers are interested to know
Spend some time in creating a video with quality content.
If you upload your video to Youtube and share with Social Media, it will increase your SEO as well.
A quality video will make your customers share through social media.


You are free to share and distribute this infographic.