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October 13, 2014
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October 14, 2014
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Are you constantly struggle to bringing new visitors to your website? Is your website newly launched? Are you wondering how to get start your marketing to promote your online business? We will illustrate how to generate higher traffic to your website with some basic guide below.

Being Found Online

A great website isn’t so great if no one visits it. Is your website easily being found by the online visitors? There are many ways to make your website being found in internet.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process in making your website appears with a higher position in the Search Engine when user searches a certain keyword. SEO is a MUST HAVE if you are offering your services to consumer directly. This is a hard work and requires consistency in maintaining it.

  • Inbound Link

Beside SEO, inbound link is also another way to increase the exposure rate of your website. Inbound Link is making other Quality Website to link back to you. The more inbound links you have, the more important your site must be, thus the higher you’ll rank. If website which link to you are having bad ranking, it will affect you too. Always make sure you are getting a proper website to link to you.

  • Online Advertising

Online advertising is also a way to make your website being found by visitors. If you have higher exposure rate, chances generating leads to your website is higher. This will depends on your budget you would like to spend. You may start with Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising with $5 daily.

Website Layout

After bringing visitors to your website, now is time to make your visitor stay in your website. Visitor will spend average 2 – 3 minutes in a website, and leave the website without clicking on any navigation. If you are promoting information, is your website with a clear structure, where visitor easily find their information. Home page is where visitor will first land on, is important if you have a summary of what you are promoting or selling in the Home page. If you are selling products, do you have a promotion banner in the Home page? Do you show your New Arrival product in Home page?


Content is King, the new era of the internet marketing is Content. Content has become very important because this is what search engine and people are looking for. Have you put enough information and content for visitor to browse through and understand what you are offering? Did you include a call to action button? Can visitors easily find the contact details?

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