SEO On-Page Checklist Part 2

Checklist for On-Page SEO Part 1
SEO On-Page Checklist Part 1
March 19, 2018
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Why Your Business NEEDS A Professional Website Design
April 2, 2018
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SEO On-Page Checklist Part 2

Checklist for OnPage SEO Part 2 –

Checklist for OnPage SEO Part 2 -

In the last part, we talked about the twenty most often used on-page SEO techniques. But they are not all. There are still some that we would like to share with you. So here they are:
1 Robot.txt -


Add Robots.txt file in your website.

It is basically used to help the Google Bots to easily crawl through your website and tell them which page you want to index and which page don’t want to be index.

Don’t forget to add them.

2 Duplicate Content -

Duplicate Content

It’s really important that all the content on your website is original and doesn’t exist in other places.

For SEO to work there should be no duplicate content. If there’s any duplicate content in your website, most probably your website will get penalized.

So, always make sure you only have original content on your website.

3 XML Sitemap-

XML Sitemap

It is really important that you add your website’s XML sitemap into your website.

XML Sitemap helps search engine bots to crawl through your site. It helps search engine to understand your website structure.

So if you want search engine Bots to easily go through your website, add XML sitemap to website and make sure you verify with google webmaster tool.

4 301s 302s-

301s and 302s

If the URLs of the page no longer active or moved, you need to use 301 redirect so that it will pass 99% SEO value of the existing page to the new page.

If you are using 302 to redirect, the SEO value of the existing page will not bring forward to the new page.

Make sure all your redirects are done properly to avoid your ranking dropped.

5 RSS Feed-

Use RSS Feeds

RSS feed doesn’t help your website increase ranking directly but it does help google bot to search your website content faster.

If your website has thousand of updates daily, RSS Feeds will be better solution compare to sitemap.

6 Alt-Tags for Images -

Alt-tags for images

It’s important to remember that search engine bots only understand code and text but cannot read images. So how can you let search engine to understand the meaning of images?

When you upload image, make sure you include the right keyword into each image Alt-text and Description.

7 Schema Markup-

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a set of code that you include inside your website to help search engine provide extra information to users.

These tags can be read very easily by all search engines and help your website get a higher ranking.

8 SEO Tools -

SEO Tools

If you are using WordPress managing your website content, it will be good if you install SEO tools such as Yoast Plugin, this will help you to include meta tag, meta keyword, title for each of your article and blog post.

9 Code Validated-

Website Code is Validated

Here’s a really good tip. Make sure your website is validated through W3C. It will validate your HTML, XHTML, CSS code.

This will increase your website ranking and help it to get higher ranking on Google. Google will rank you lower if your website has lots of error, bug or malicious code infected by virus.

10 SSL Certificate -

SSL Certificate

Basically SSL Certificate helps in encrypting the sensitive information while transmitting the information from web server to user.

It is extremely important when user making payment from your website. SSL help encrypt the data while transmitting the sensitive information from your website to the payment gateway while user making payment.

When your website has SSL, the search engines will know your website can be trusted and will rank it higher compare to other website.

11 Never Host at Spam Fever -

Never Host on Spam Server

Did you know if your site is hosted on spam server, it will get penalized by search engines?

So how do you check it? All you have to do is submit your website to this free tool:

12 Broken Link -

Broken Links in Your Website

You need to check out your website if it has any broken links as they can harm your SEO ranking.

We recommend that you use this tool to ensure no link in your website is broken:

13 Webmasters Tools -

Google Webmasters Tools

Did you know that Google has a great tool for you to use in analyzing technical aspect of your website.

It’s called Google Webmasters tool, make sure you link your website with Google Webmaster Tool.

If helps you to understand how google sees your website, it provide some insights such as which pages has been indexed, which keyword are the most popular keyword and etc.

14 Include Right Keyword-

Include the Right Keyword in Menu

One of the main elements Google will look into is your website navigation menu. Putting the right keyword will help you boost the keyword ranking in SEO.

If you have many keywords in your list, please put the primary keyword. Never stuff the same keyword inside your menu, it may cause penalty from Google.

15 Google My Business -

Google My Business

Google my business let your business get listed with google map when user searching with google.

Register your website with google my business as soon as you can to ensure your website get notice by Google.

16 Add A Blog-

Add a Blog in Your Website

Quality content will help you attract human and google bot. You are advice to write content minimum 1000 words and above.

When you prepare your articles, make sure you include the right keyword inside the article. Never write article just for google bot, or for the sake of SEO.

Always write quality content with stunning images or Infographic that can attract human or readers to read and keep coming back.

17 Use Bing -

Use Bing Webmaster Tools

Just like we told you about Google Webmaster tools, we want to recommend Bing Webmaster tools as well. These are important as 10% of all internet traffic is generated through Bing. So using Bing webmaster tools will be a good idea.

It helps you monitor your website security, crawl performance, indexation and etc.

18 Meta Description -

Meta Description

This is a 160 character snippet that is shown to the users when they are searching with the keywords in google. By including the right primary keyword in your meta description, you can increase higher ranking in SEO.

19 Right Keyword -

Include Right Keyword inside Meta Description, Meta Keyword, Page Title

Meta Description is the short paragraph explains about your web page content. It will display in Google search result.

Make sure you include the right primary keyword in your Meta Description, Meta Keyword. This will increase your SEO ranking.

For example if you have a carpet business in Malaysia, it should be like this:

See how we have used the keyword “Carpets” in the Meta description.

20 Synonyms Keywords -

Synonyms Keywords

Google loves synonyms as it tells it what the content is all about. Using variations of the same word, Google learns what the website is all about.

For instance, if you are selling jewelry, words like women rings, earrings or necklaces will help Google to verify its jewelry page and you will rank higher.