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October 9, 2014
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Online Payment Gateway Malaysia Comparison Chart

Payment Gateway is a service provider that can authorize your credit card and online banking payment to you. If you are planning to selling online, payment gateway is what you need in your website. There are few in the market. We have listed below to show the comparison.  Before making the decision which payment gateway you choose, there’s few question that you need to ask yourself.

What is your target audience?

Your target audience will determine what type of currency you need. If you are targeting only Malaysian, make sure your payment gateway able to support Online Banking. So that your potential customer able to transfer the money to you via online banking such as Maybnk2u, Cimbclicks and etc

Is the Payment Gateway Company trustworthy?

Make sure you do your research to check the review of each Payment Gateway. We have listed 4 that is well known and trustworthy.

How fast you can collect the payment

This is very important. If the settlement takes many day, it means, your cash flow was being hold by them. If cash flow is important to you, please make sure you check how many days it takes for you to collect your payment.

Application Approval Time

Before you start developing your website, you should consider applying the Payment Gateway first. This is because some of the payment gateway will require many days for approval by the bank.


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