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Content is important. This helps us to build a higher ranking in Search Engine. It also helps us to build the trust with our potential client. There are times we struggle to come out with the content. Now, we are suggesting you some ways to generate some new ideas for your content writing.

1. Target Keywords

Check your Google Keywords and Analytic tools to see which keyword has higher search rate

2. Guides

Write guides how to use your product or services you offer. Writing guides may help your potential client to understand what you offer.

3. Enquiry

What type of questions or enquiry you receive most of the time?

4. Forum Question

There are times where user ask question in forum, if you are offering services related to those question, you may write an article in detailed related to this.


Compile list of quotes in your industry.

6. Charts

Compile charts in explaining how your product or services was being used in the market.

7. Info Graphic

Image speaks louder than words; draw images to illustrate how to use your product or services you offer.

8. News

Is there any special news happening around? Write a summary or a round up about it.

9. Best Practices

What are the best practices about using the product or services you are selling or offer.

10. Survey

Write a review about the survey you are running. This can help your potential customer to have a better understanding of what you are offering and selling.

11. Case Studies

Write case studies of what you have done with your previous customer. This will be able to build the trust between you and your potential customer.

12. Comparison Chart

If you are offering few related products or services, you may write a comparison chart or comparison table with it.

13. Benefits

What are the benefits of using product you sell or services you offer? Does it enlighten your customer business?

14. Review

List down the honest review about product and services you sell or offer.

15. Trends

Explain and predict trends in the market.

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