Tips In Making Your Online Ecommerce Store Success
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October 27, 2014
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June 12, 2017
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Tips In Making Your Online Ecommerce Store Success




A lot of time, we face this question from clients, I have an online ecommerce store but I got no sales, WHY??

Are you just launched your ecommerce store and looking for ways to make your ecommerce store successful?

Or you already have and existing ecommerce business store but not sure how to make it better and how to sell products online successfully.

Yes, we are providing some tips and guides for you to follow and understand how to get started.

Step-1- Product
Step-1- Product


When customers browsing online, they prefer to get instant information of what they are looking or plan to buy online.

Do you include a detail product description for each product?

A detail description is a way for them to understand what you are selling.

If you are selling services, do remember to include your Package Details with Pricing you are offering.
Include the Advantages or Benefits of the Products you are selling.

This will convince your customers to proceed in buying


Customers are not able to touch and feel for the product, they rely very much on the visual.

Normally, they judge your products by how they see the product images.

A quality image will makes them believe that you are offering quality products.
Uploading a bad quality of image will make your customer feel you are providing low quality products.


Image speaks thousand words.

Putting more images will helps in convincing your customers it is worth buying it from your online store.

Putting different images from different angle of a product will help your customer understand how it looks like in reality.
If you are selling products that has a lot of functions, for eg : oven, you may include images of what your oven can bake, such as cake, muffin, roasted chicken, grill fish etc.
If you are selling multiple color for the same products, remember to put the image with different color in it.


Product Reviews is very important to help your customer to have faith that you are offering something great and other customers love it!

A high rating for the products will boast up the sales.
As long as you are offering a great service, your customer will definitely rate your online store 5 star.
If you are selling products, normally customer will review based on product quality, shipping delivery and the overall buying experience.
If you are offering service based, customer will review mainly based on the services you offer.
After you delivered the products, encourage your customer to give you a good rating.


Are you making the payment process complicated?

Always remember you are targeting general user who may not have technical skill like you.

Customers prefer buy and make payment within a couple of clicks.
If your payment process takes more than six pages, you may need to restructure your whole payment process.
It will be good if you tested the whole buying and payment process yourself, it will help you to understand what your customers are facing.


Customers will only spend average 3 seconds in a website.

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, customer will leave and continue in other online store.

A slow loading speed will affect your SEO ranking in search engine.

Getting a good hosting server is very important.

Normally, cheap hosting package are using old server, this will make your website load slower.

If you are uploading many images, optimize your images will speed up your website
Use Caching, this will make your sites pages, images, files store on user’s local computer.


SEO will help you generate higher traffic.

Is your website SEO Friendly?

There are many unspoken rules to follow.

Did you include the right keyword for the product title, product description, category, tag with the right keyword?
Make sure your URL include the right keywords for each product page.


In the Online Shopping world, it is very common customer will compare price across multiple platform.

If you are selling common products in the internet, have you checked out how much your competitors are selling?

Customer will compare the price in multiple website before they decide to purchase.


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