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October 3, 2014
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October 9, 2014
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Almost all the business will benefit from having an internet presence. Social Media Marketing utilizes the use of digital media to approach your potential client. There are many ways to grow your business online.

Using the proper way will enable to generate more leads to your website, having higher leads will be able to convert to sales. Today, we will share some guide using the social media.

Facebook Fan Page

Many of our clients, creating a personal facebook account for their Business. This is not recommended. One of the main reasons, facebook personal account only can add up to 5,000 friends where Facebook Business Fan page, can be Liked by unlimited facebook users. Maintaining your Facebook Fan Page with the proper keywords, will be able to boast your SEO indirectly. Always remember to include your website link when you update your post daily.

Click here to create your Facebook Fan Page

Google Plus Fan Page

Before setup your Google Plus Fan page, you require to register an Gmail Account. Always remember to include your proper keywords into the About Us section, your post and etc. Include the right keywords into your Google Plus Fan page will boast the SEO indirectly. Always remember to include your website link when you update your post daily.

Click here to register Gmail Account :

Click here to create your Google Plus Business Page :

Google My Business

Setting up your Google My Business, will enable you to be found in Google Map. If you are offering Services such as Restaurant, Massage, Hotel and etc, this will be enable your business be found by Google Map. It will also be able to boast up SEO.

Click here to setup Google My Business :


Company that blog 15+ times per month get 5 times more traffic than companies that don’t blog. Preparing the useful content will be able to help your client to understand and have a clearer picture of what services you offer.  A well plan articles will be able to promote your business in many ways. Always remember to include important keywords that promote your services. If you are selling Facial Product, writing articles with “Tips How to  Maintain A Beautiful Skin” will able to promote your product, at the same time, if your potential client, searching the keyword maintain beautiful skin, your website will have a higher chance to get listed in Search Engine.


Beside setting up your Company Blog with your own website, setting up a free blog with WordPress, will also able to boast up your SEO. Make sure your username is your website name. As our WordPress link will be you may update your blog articles in WordPress account as well.

Click here to setup WordPress :


Beside using WordPress, Blogger is another main stream that able to boast your SEO indirectly. Both Blogger and WordPress are having a very high ranking, if you are having a blog using both of them, this will generate leads to your website tremendously. Keywords are playing a very important role too. When you write an article, always remember to include the proper and correct keywords that user will be use to search through using the Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc. Make sure your username is your website name, as for us our link will be

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After posting your articles into Blogger and WordPress, Scribd will be a good way for you to share your articles. Scribd is a site where you can share your articles freely. Sharing your articles over Scribd will able to generate some new leads to your website. Using the proper and correct keyword, will also boast your SEO. Always remember to include your website url your articles.

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Slideshare and Scribd is a online free article sharing site. Beside posting your article to Scribd, you may post it into slideshare as well. Using the proper and correct keyword, will also boast your SEO. Always remember to include your website url your articles. You will realize, we always remind you to use the proper keyword. This is because keywords play a very important role in helping Search Engine to understand what services you offer. This is why we always keep mention about keywords.

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Beside creating articles, you may create info graphic with images, uploading your info graphic to Pinterest, will be able to generate new leads to your website. Always remember to add keyword and URL so that your potential client will be able to found you if they have view your info graphic. Don’t forget to create the username with your own website name as well, as for ours,

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