20 Ecommerce Do’s and Dont’s Part 2

20 Ecommerce Dos and Dont’s Part 1
October 2, 2017
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March 19, 2018
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20 Ecommerce Do’s and Dont’s Part 2

20-Ecommerce-Dos-and-Donts-Part 2-Feature-Image

20-Ecommerce-Dos-and-Donts-Part 2-Feature-Image

Here’s the second part of our E-Commerce Dos and Don’ts.

If you are in the middle of preparing an ecommerce website, this is the time for you to understand what are the dos and don’ts.

We will talk more about things you can do to be more success in your ecommerce website.

Here are some dos and don’ts to guide you over.

FAQs Page

Frequently asked questions help your customers find answers to the questions that are mostly asked.

Most of the time, when your customers are interested with your product, they may have some presales question they want to know, drop them down and put it inside the FAQ page.
Always think back, what are the common questions your existing customers will ask before they purchase or after they make payment.
If your FAQ has given them the right answer, it may convince them to proceed in buying from your website.


The FAQs section should be easy to find.

Create Top FAQs within the page for most searched questions

Categorize your FAQs so that customers can easily find the questions they want answers for


Don’t repeat information in FAQs that is easily available everywhere on the website

Don’t hide your FAQ link inside another page.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is the bridge linking your website to the bank

Payment gateway is the most important part of the ecommerce website. Without payment gateway, generally, you can’t collect any payment from your customers.
There are many payment gateways in the market, always look for the payment gateway that offer strong security and provide stable payment processing.
When your customers can’t make payment via payment gateway, most probably, they will proceed buying from your competitor website.


Choose payment gateway that offer multiple payment method, such as credit card and local online banking.

Choose payment gateway that offer stable and secure payment processing.

Choose payment gateway able to give you 24/7 customer support.


Never use payment gateway provider that is newly startup.

Never use payment gateway that is difficult for you to collect the money.

Never use payment gateway that has a very long settlement period.

Coupons Code

Giving discount via coupon code during holiday season can boast your sales.

Coupon code is the easiest way to give discount to your customers.
You may give away coupon during special season such as holiday or during your anniversary.
You may use coupon as one of the marketing strategy to promote your brand.


Create coupon discount during holiday season

Give coupon code to customers who sign up and purchase

Email existing customers with the coupon code


Never forget to set the coupon code expiry date

Never forget to set the number of times for each coupon code usage

Never forget to limit number of times for each user to use the coupon code

Sale Promotion

Sale promotion can boast your sales double

As we know, customer love discounted products.

If you need to clear your inventory, why not run a sales week?

You may also give bigger discount rate when your customers purchase more than certain amount,

for eg : they can get 20% discount if purchase more than 200 and above.


Product bundle enable you to cross sell different products together with a special discount

Give free shipping when customer sign up and purchase

Give discount when customer buy more quantity

More discount if customer purchase more than a certain amount


Don’t start the sale promotion without adding more products to your inventory

Don’t delay shipping during sale promotion period.

Rewards Redemptions

Give rewards to loyal customer to show them a token of appreciation.

In order to grow your business, it is important to make your customer stay loyal.

Rewards and redemption is a way to make your customers repeat buying from your website.

You may let your customers collect points for each purchase, once they accumulated enough points, let them make redemption and exchange with products or vouchers.


Create a page that explains how the redemption program works

Do promote your rewards redemption program

Make it simple for customers to sign up and be rewarded.


Do not charge any joining fees or renewal fees.

Do not forget to include expiry date for the redemption points.


If the product ship and arrive on time, customers will love it and buy again!

Without proper shipping, your customer may not able to get the product, or you may lose in shipping fees.

Before you start your ecommerce business, get a logistics provider that able to help you deliver your product to your customer on time.

If you are delivering expensive product, make sure you purchase insurance to prevent product lost during shipping.


Offer free shipping after a specified amount of purchase

Wrap your product nicely before shipping.

If there is a shipping cost, share it on main page and product pages, not just on shipping page.


Never delay products shipping

Never ship broken or damaged products.

Never charge shipping fees higher than what your competitor is charging

Social Media Pages

Create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat accounts to reach out to your customers

Social media is the right place you can use to promote your product.

Upload your product images through social media.

If you have budget, make sure you spend some money in advertising.


Create social media pages to promote your website and products.

Create giveaway competitions where customers can win your products.

Regularly share content to bring customers to your website.


Don’t share false information to bring customers to your website.

Don’t ignore customers interacting with your posts on social media.

Live Chat

Customers have questions that they want answered as soon as they can. This is where they use the live chat.

Live Chat option allows you to talk to your customers easily.

Most of the customers who purchase online would love to get instant answer whenever they need.

If you able to provide pre sales answer via live chat, it definitely boasts up your sales.


Engage as much as you can with visitors.

Always be polite and try your best to help your customers on live chat.

After solving their query


Don’t keep a visitor waiting.

Don’t transfer visitors among agents.

Never be lazy in chat, answer questions as soon as you can.

After Sales Follow Up

Once your customers have bought something from your website, follow up with offers and discounts.

Repeat customers are always better than new customers.

Share emails and news about new products, discounts and offers with your existing customers.


Share weekly newsletter which promotes latest offers and discounts.

Ask for customer reviews.

Share gift cards to them in emails.

Send a follow up email after a week with new stuff your customer might buy.


Don’t share too many emails.

Don’t forget to share receipt and tracking URL.


Having a blog allows you to share product reviews, latest news and more.

Blog is a way for you to pass your product knowledge to your customers.

When the articles you wrote, are able to solve your customers problem, it will convince them to proceed in buying the products or service from your website.

When you write more, most of the time customers believe your products are better than others.

If you consistently writing articles in your blog, it definitely improve your SEO ranking tremendously.


Share information related to your new products on website.

Write product reviews

Share company latest events


Don’t write on products or services that are not related to what you are selling in your website.