20 Ecommerce Dos and Dont’s Part 1

20 Company Website Design Do’s and Don’ts Part 2
September 18, 2017
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20 Ecommerce Do’s and Dont’s Part 2
December 4, 2017
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20 Ecommerce Dos and Dont’s Part 1





Are you looking for ways to make your ecommerce store success?

Are you constantly wondering why there are no sales?

Clients always ask the same question, what I can do to make my online ecommerce success.

If you do not have an online ecommerce you may start thinking what business idea you can sell online.

If you have an business idea and thinking to start an ecommerce, time to understand how to get started with ecommerce.



Nothing works well without having a good plan

An online e-commerce business is nothing without having a great plan.
Focus on creating yearly plans to benchmark your success.


Create step by step plans

List down all your objectives and goals for the year in a plan


Don’t change your plans often, it creates confusion

Don’t ignore monthly or quarterly reports


Choosing the right platform can save you from major headaches.

If you just get started, always get an ecommerce platform with basic feature first.
This will help you save up your web development cost in early stage.
You may upgrade your online ecommerce store to be more advance when
your ecommerce store is generating enough sales.


Choose a platform that is easy to use

Find out whether they offer SSL Protection.

Check whether the platform comes with local online banking option (Maybank2u / public bank (Malaysia Bank)


Never choose the platform without knowing the features

Never choose platform that do not offer frequent updates

Never choose platform that do not offer SEO friendly theme


A user friendly website with proper structured information will makes your customer stay.

Most of the time customers are attracted by beautiful and quality web design.If your online ecommerce website design still using outdated design,

you are chasing the customers away.


Hire a professional to make a quality design

Include marketing strategy in your website design

Create UX designs that work well on various screens


Don’t let user click many links to reach the important page.

Never try to create UX design yourself.

Never mixed too many colors in your website design


Your e-commerce store should be able to open up smoothly on various screen and browser

More than 70% of the time, customers are using mobile to access the internet.

Can your customer browse your ecommerce store easily with the mobile?

Do you know Google will rank mobile friendly website first?


Create a mobile optimized website

Test it constantly on various screens with various browser


Don’t use small font size, is difficult to read on mobile

Don’t show long paragraph of text without a break


Website loading speed can affect your conversion rate. Make it fast.

If customers come looking for something to buy and your online ecommerce website

takes more than 5 seconds to load,they will just leave.

A fast loading speed of your ecommerce website will increase your conversion rate.


Add images in smaller size

Optimize your website and images

Get server with the latest hardware spec

Add your videos on YouTube, it increases the loading speed


Never cram too many images

Never use cheap web hosting, most probably they are using old server

Never let your web page loads more than 5 seconds, you chase the customers away


Create shop page that able convert visitor to buy

A well structure shop page will generate higher conversion rate.

Can your customers find the product easily and purchase with ease?


Add advance filter such as price, color or brand

Add sorting feature

Provide grid view or list view


Never display product that is no longer manufacture

Never have hidden cost

Never list all products without categorized


Write a product description that sells and boast the sales

Product descriptions help explain the various benefits of the product, tell customers why they should buy it.

A well structure product page will boast up the sale and generate higher conversion rate.


Detailed product description

Add high quality product images from various angles

Add rating and testimonials

Hire a copywriter to create engaging copy


Low quality images will make customer think the product is low quality

Bad or good, never delete testimonials

Never use stock images

Never make false claims


If your checkout process is long and complicated, you are going to lose the sale

The checkout process plays the most important role in an ecommerce store.

When the whole process is complicated, customers are not sure how to proceed and

they will abandoned the shopping cart and leave the website.


Make sure the whole checkout process only 2 – 3 steps

Make sure the checkout is smooth in various screen and various browser

Provide multiple payment method such as credit card, local online banking (Maybank2u, Public Bank, CIMB Clicks and etc)


Never have any pop up to annoy your customer during the checkout

Never force user to register or login during the checkout

Never cross selling when user is going to payment page


Don’t shy away from helping your customers.

Customer always prefers to purchase with ecommerce store who offer great support.

A great customer support will make your customer spread the word

and become your loyal customer.


Add customer support chat widget on your website

Resolve queries as soon as you can

Train all your employees in customer support


Never leave a customer hanging online

Never be rude to customers

Never delay in responding to customer queries

Don’t lie to customers


Offer your customers refund if there is any issue with the purchase

One of the biggest mistake most of the ecommerce store owner make is, they do not handle the refund issue well.

When you offering your help in this area, you are able to convince your client you are providing quality product with professional support.


Offer 100% cash back if the product is faulty

Make the process of refund simple and easy

Offer help and assistance in retrieving the product back


Don’t ignore the customer if the product is faulty

Never rude to your customer when they request refund

Never make the process takes more than 7 working days