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October 14, 2014
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October 27, 2014
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Ways to Improve Ecommerce


Everyday, we  are spending more time shopping via internet, and the numbers are growing daily.  In order to be success in selling online, is good if we follow the best practices so that your site will convert more customers and generate a lot more profit. We are here to guide you on how to design a great ecommerce website. View the checklist below:

Beautiful Images

Customers are not able to touch product you are selling, they only can visualize the product. If the images are in poor resolution, it will not attract them to make any purchase. Even though this is very basic, but still there are many companies out there still using poor images. Also make sure you provide few images from different angle so that visitors able to view it.


Is your product having few color choices? It is good if you are showing different images to show how the product looks like in different color. Customers love variety of choices. If you are selling different colors of the same product, it will be good if you visualize it using the images to allow the customers to decide what color they would like to purchase.


Easy navigation are enable your customer to browse what they want easily. Are you categorized your product properly? How fast your customer able to browse your product. Make sure menu are showing the important items. There are many website showing non important item in the main menu, and the important item inside the submenu. Customer might not hover to each menu to see the submenu. The naming of the menu is important too. Always use the common keyword for your menu, this will enable to boast the SEO as well.


Can customer filter the product by price, color, type? If your ecommerce site is huge and you are selling huge products, a proper filtering will help your customer to find what they looking in a shorter time frame. Filtering not equals to Search. Filtering is remove products out of the condition customer are looking for. For eg: Price Range, clicking $100 – $200 which means it will only show products price between $100 – $200.

Product Information

A detailed information about your product help your customer to understand what you are selling, what type of quality of the product you are offering. If you are selling baby shirt, you might need to emphasize the type of cloth.

Member Registration

It will be good if customer can purchase the product without any registration. You may give them a choice to register to continue or just directly make payment to complete the purchase. Too many steps to make payment can chase your customer away.

Multiple Payment Choice

It is good if you are offering variety choices for customer to choose to make payment. Do you offer offline payment? This will be good for those who do not own any credit card.

Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? Can it be view in mobile without any issue? Don’t forget, currently statistic show that there are 30% of visitors are using mobile. If you website are not mobile friendly, basically you are chasing 30% of visitors away daily.

Product Ratings

Do you include any star rating in your product? Star rating is helping your customer to understand which product has a better quality. If your customer are choosing quality more than pricing, the rating is important to them to decide which product are to be purchase.

Shopping Cart Icon

Make sure the icon is showing through out every page in your website. So that customer can make payment anytime while they still browsing your site.


This is for you to list out the common asked question, so that your customer able to find an answer for it. Putting a FAQ also help you to minimize your time in answering common question.


It will be good if your website always show the contact no at the top of each page. This is a way to show your customer that you are always here to provide your support anytime. Of course, you are required to make sure your contact no is contactable.

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