4 Tips in Choosing the Right Website Design Agency

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September 23, 2014
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4 Tips in Choosing the Right Website Design Agency


Choosing the right website design agency is very important to you and your company. You are putting your trust into the agency where they plan, design, develop and manage your project.

We have clients have bad experience in choosing the agency. Some was paying much higher than it should and still getting the worst quality of work. We believe this checklist will be able to help you and your company to choose the right website design agency to handle your project.


Experience and Skill

How much experience or skill do they have will determine whether your project able to be completed or not. Having many years experience doesn’t mean they have strong skill. We have clients started their project and ended half way due to inexperience and unskilful agency. A skilful agency will be able to suggest ways to help you to get success in your project instead of fail your project.


Always remember request portfolio or projects handle by them previously. Check through the project they have done previously to make sure they able to perform quality work. Try to find out what type of project they mostly handled. If you are developing an ecommerce project, make sure they have relevant experience in developing such project.


Discuss with your agency the billing terms and the price for each job with Quotation and Invoice. We have clients experience paying a overprice web development. Our client paying almost RM100,000 for web development, where the agency deliver a project only worth RM15,000. How much the web development cost, it is always depends on why type of quality work delivered.

Contract Agreement

We have clients started the project without sign any contract agreement. Contract agreement is here to protect the client and the agency, where the client pay and able to get the project delivered as promised within the timeline and the price signed in the contract agreement.


How well they support you? Do they attend to you when you have any request? How well they support you during the development, will determine how they support you after the project completed. Support is important since they developed the project. Maintain a good relationship with the website design agency will help you to minimize problem or unseen issues.

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